Moisturizers Gloves!

Learn in 1 minute to do moisturizing gloves for hands. They are super cool as a favor for bachelorette parties, lingerie shower, adult parties etc. You can also add more things.


Watch the video and learn how to do, it’s super easy !

To close the bag use our templates

(Put a mini nail file inside the bag, is a charm )

Saquinho Balas quadrado


Enjoy our decorated templates:

PAPER: Canson, filicoat or coated for laser and inkjet. It’s better use Glossy Paper, which is the most beautiful. But if you do not find you can use other kind.What is realy important is to check if the paper is for inkjet or laser, which makes all the difference in print quality. Another important thing is to configure the printer for the paper type, weight and matte or glossy. The paper weight is 120 to 180g.

SIZE: the template is a square, and you must print to the exact width of the bag width. I used the bag 8cm wide, and it was perfect. You can size in Word, and print several on one sheet.

SAVE TEMPLATE: Open the template clicking with the right mouse button and “open on new folder”. Then click again on the image to see it in better resolution. Then click with the right mouse button and “save image as” in a folder on your computer.


TIPS: Buy a bag with 100 unit of disposable gloves in beauty products stores.


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